The Saga Continues


I’ll admit, I am not the biggest die-hard NBA basketball fan.  I actually think it is a complete joke at times. Calling what they play defense is like calling a shark a horse, it’s just wrong. However, bias aside, I am the casual Knicks fan who follows the team, watches games here and there, and roots for them to win. Let me tell you, being a Knicks fan, regardless of the capacity, is exhausting. Honestly, I have no idea how Spike Lee does it. This team is toxic; the ownership is toxic, the player acquisition is toxic, the coaching is toxic, and their “leader/star/mvp” is toxic. And right now, we are just adding another chapter to this book with the firing of Derek Fisher.

From the jump, I was not as excited as some people with the idea of Phil Jackson; and the reason is because it’s temporary.  Everyone knows that the second the Buss Family cleans house in LA, Phil is on the next flight out of JFK.  So the thought that he would come into a broken organization, turn it completely around in 2 years, just to have him leave again is like wishing for a box of Lucky Charms having only marshmallows, it’ll never happen.  But like everyone else, I tried to keep an open mind.

Then he brings in Derek Fisher to be the coach. The move that had everyone saying “What. The. Actual. F***”.  Yes, that Derek Fisher, the same guy who the year before was still playing in the NBA, and is now going to be the coach? Why?  I don’t care how much of a “coach” you are out there on the court, that compares nothing to the day in day out grind and of being an actual NBA head coach.  This move was designed to fail.  But hey, Phil Jackson was supposed to be the savior right?  The basketball guru? Lets give him a chance to make this work.

It didn’t.

Granted, the roster in Fisher’s first year was an absolute joke.  So Fisher going 17-65 in his first season, wasn’t much of surprise, actually some viewed it as a minor success.  So in the offseason, Jackson makes more moves, bringing in Aaron Afflalo, Robin Lopez and then hitting big time in the draft with Kristaps Porzingis and then Jerian Grant.  All of the sudden, there is life within the organization and a buzz about NYC that, for basketball, hasn’t existed since the Ewing era.  Porzingis is becoming a sensation, and quite a good basketball player, the team seems to be jelling, Melo isn’t healthy all the time, but he is a poison so that almost seems beneficial. All is well and good except for one problem: They aren’t winning!  Before Fisher was fired on Feb. 8 with a 22-22 record in the 2016 season.

And so the saga of the New York Knickerbockers continues.  Phil Jackson won’t hire the best coach available if he doesn’t fit his “system” and he’ll most likely want to keep it within his coaching tree.  If this is the recipe he goes with, he’ll pass on Tom Thibodeau and likely go after Luke Walton.  There in lies the flaw, Phil Jackson has an opt-out clause in his contract, and the Lakers ownership is already in the process of clearing out their personnel issues in the front office. Phil’s got one foot out the door, you can see it from a mile away, so why is James Dolan going to let Jackson pick the coach? Because he’s an even bigger idiot.  Jackson is going to hire a coach at the end of the season, he’ll leave within a year after that, and Knicks fans return to the never ending cycle of disappointment.

Sorry Knicks fans, this saga is nowhere near as entertaining as Star Wars.  But hey, maybe 30 years from now we’ll come out with something new and it’ll be a masterpiece.


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