Tailgate DVR: The People vs. OJ Simpson


The hottest show on TV right now that only partially involves the Kardashians, is the FX show “The People vs. OJ Simpson”. and for those of you who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  Honestly, its up there withe the tagline “must-see tv”.  It’s not must see because its the greatest show since The Wire or Breaking Bad, its must see because its almost so bad, its good.

*disclaimer: I’m 23, I was not even 2 years old when this actually went down in real life, I know the basics of the story, but not the whole thing… PS, people in NY are still pissed they turned off that NBA Finals game for the Bronco chase*

As of the date of this blog, we are two episodes into this series, and I will try not to include any spoilers that people shouldn’t already know. This isn’t going to be an episode breakdown, its just a little bit of observation on the characters, so far, and maybe it’ll get you watching, or at least setting it up to get on your DVR.

Cuba Gooding Jr.: Orenthal James Simpson aka OJ Simpson aka Juice. 

oj cuba

Let me tell you something people, Cuba is looking good (pun intended).  He looks like he hit the gym to get his ass in shape for this show.  I’ve always liked Cuba as an actor, I think he is extremely underrated.  He plays OJ well, he does a great job of showing inner conflict, and just how wacky Simpson seemed to be.  My one issue with Cuba Gooding being in a football movie, is that every time I see him on screen, all I can think of is Rod Tidwell and I find myself screaming (on the inside) “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

John Travolta: Robert Shapiro.  


Shapiro in real life, accurately portrayed in the show, is a total narcissist.  He is the sleazy defense attorney all the movies love; the slick, rich bastard who represents complete scum for the money and the fame.  So far, Travolta is doing great, he is playing the role to a T, all while maintaining that perfect, surgically enhanced face of his.  Johnny boy, Danny Zuko and the T-Birds would be ashamed with what you’ve done to yourself, but god damn I’d be lying if I didn’t say you were a good actor.

David Schwimmer: Robert Kardashian.


Well we all knew it wouldn’t be modern television if someone in the Kardashian family wasn’t involved. At least this Kardashian actually did something to earn the money he had.  R.K. was a close friend and confidant of OJ, once a lawyer who retired, only to be talked into renewing his license to join Simpson’s defense team.  Schwimmer, despite what people say, I think is a good actor, but he is victim to always being referred to as the character that made him famous. He is the Friends’ version of Seinfeld’s George Costanza. Jason Alexander is a phenomenal actor, but will always be George. That’s Schwimmer. But here, he is good.  And let me tell you, the hairdo they’ve got him in, is an absolute dead ringer for Kardashian’s hair in real life.

Sarah Paulson: Marcia Clark.


Clark is the ADA assigned to the case to prosecute OJ. She is your typical, almost movie-like, character. She is a hardo attorney who is going through a lot of shit in her life, divorce, job stress, kids etc.  And she has no freakin clue what she was walking into.  She didn’t know who OJ was, she didn’t know how famous he was. She only knew that he used to beat the hell out of his wife and was nothing if not the most guilty man she ever had to prosecute.  She severely underestimated the gravity of the case. That being said, Paulson is excellent. She plays the character so perfectly, you almost hate her more than you hate the guy that killed his wife. She smokes too much, has a face you just wanna reach out and slap, and that hair, oh sweet baby Jesus, she’s got awful hair.


Episode 1 was an introduction to the story, the murder and subsequent “arrest” of OJ.  You meet Kardashian, Shapiro, Clark and a few other characters.

Episode 2 was all about that famous white Ford Bronco chase down the 405. Nothing actually seems to happen in the episode, but it was too important to leave out.

Up until now, nothing much has happened, but you just have that feeling that this show is about to take off like a rocket.

Tune in Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX. You won’t regret it.



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