Just How Bad is the NBA All-Star Game?

kobe asg

AWFUL! That’s a word that comes to mind.

Listen, I get it, nobody wants to get hurt.  Everyone wants to see the high-flying dunks, the deep three-pointers, the ally-oops and even the missed dunks too.  But last night’s game was just downright pathetic.

There is a difference between not putting effort in on the defensive end, and what was shown last night.  Honestly, if you give even 30% effort on the defensive side of the ball in the ASG then you’re trying just hard enough to be respected.  Last night was an all-time low, even for the NBA.

196-173. West won.

4 points away from 200! In a game that only has 48 minutes of actual playing time.  Honestly, as someone who actually appreciates the grass roots game of basketball, I am ashamed for the Association.  When you play youth league basketball, any good coach you had coming up taught you one thing first: defense.  Now, I’m not saying you need to play D at 110%, its a game that means nothing, I get that, but at least make it look like you give a shit.

Maybe Major League Baseball has it right, maybe there is some thought to the crazy idea that the winner of the mid-summer classic gets home field advantage in the World Series.  Maybe if the NBA adopted this school of thought, we might see a more respectable score, and some actual basketball being played.

I say these things with a heavy heart too, because the entire weekend is amazing up until tip-off of the main event.  The Rising Stars Game? Great. Celebrity game?  Always fun. Skills competition? Awesome. 3-point shootout? Fantastic. The dunk contest? Left me at a loss for words.  None of these adjectives describe that bullshit they called an all-star game.

agordon dunk

Get it together, NBA, or host it after the season so people can actually go on with their lives and not care about it, like the NFL.

Give those players a week off instead, you would be doing them more of a favor than putting them through the seventh circle of hell that is All-Star Weekend.

westbrook mvp

Russell Westbrook wins MVP, solidifying himself as the best player on the court with no defense. Congrats, you tried.

Adam Silver has done a lot to clean up some of the mess that David Stern left behind, I have no doubt that the NBA has a bright future with him as the commissioner.  But lets get one thing straight, the All-Star Game is a waste of every player’s time and energy.  Make it count so they play hard, get rid of it altogether, or push it until after the season. The way it is right now is a disgrace and would have the all time greats rolling their eyes.


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