Sports Mt. Rushmore


In honor of Presidents Day, it would be appropriate to put together a Mt. Rushmore of athletes.

For those of you who need a quick reminder, Mt. Rushmore is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  It was built from 1927-1941 under the direction of Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum.  The 4 presidents’ faces on the monument are Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

On that note: lets put together a little sports Mt. Rushmore.  (note: no particular preference order, one is not necessarily greater than four)

Muhammad Ali.


Ali was most likely the greatest athlete of all time.  He could not only beat you with his fists, but he would beat you with his mind.  Muhammad Ali was the best boxer there was or ever will be.  Boxers are unbelievable athletes and their will power is second to none.  He revolutionized the sport and made it that the Heavyweight Champion of the World was the greatest feat any one man could achieve. When he said he was the greatest, he wasn’t lying.

Michael Jordan.


Not sure this one needs much of an explanation.  MJ was the greatest player to ever step foot on the basketball court. Not only did he have the physical abilities that he did, but he was one of the fiercest competitors. He hated losing and that’s probably why he won so much.  Widely considered the best basketball player of all time, in a sport that has had some unbelievable people play the game says something.

Tiger Woods


I know this one is probably a bit controversial, especially considering his career might not be over, but Tiger is worthy of the Mt. Rushmore title.  He is arguably the greatest golfer of all time, and if he comes back healthy, he’ll have the Majors record to prove that.  Being the greatest isn’t always about winning the most titles, its about dominance. In his prime, people were scared to go against him, in a sport where you don’t play against someone, you play against the course. That’s how great he was and still could be.

Babe Ruth.


The Great Bambino is more than just a legend, he is probably the greatest baseball player who ever lived. He doesn’t have the most home runs of all time, or the most wins, or anything like that.  Simply put he was the best baseball player in an era of baseball where there was no such thing as greatness. He would out-homer teams in an era where the ball was the equivalent of a rock.  “Hero’s get remembered, but legends never die”.  The Babe is a hero and a legend.


PS. Since this is an American holiday, I chose to only include American-born athletes on the list, which inherently leaves many people out, some are more than deserving of this list.


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