What is USA Today Thinking?!

usa today mlb


My initial raw reaction to this:

joking mem

So USA Today did their usual projections before the season, and some of their projections are not that far off from reality.  But they have been a little off lately, considering they picked the Colts to win Super Bowl 50, and we all know how their season turned out.

AL East:

I probably agree that Boston is the favorite to win the division this season, they have the most talent and with the addition of David Price this offseason, their rotation which struggled most of last season got a huge boost. My surprise is where they have the Yankees. After picking up Chapman in the offseason, they solidified their bullpen as the best in the division, if their older players like Tex, ARod, and Beltran stay healthy, they could be the dark horse.

AL Central:

White Sox winning 90 games is laughable.  They’ve made some solid moves in the offseason, with the additions of Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie, but I just don’t see them as real division contenders, especially with Kansas City being there. If the division beats itself up all year like the glory days of the East, the surprise could be Cleveland.

AL West:

Houston is the favorite to win according to the USA Today graphic, but I’m not sure I agree.  If they don’t get the exact same dominant pitching they had last year, I don’t see them holding off the powerhouse that is the Texas Rangers. They will have a healthy ace in Yu Darvish, a powerful lineup, and good back end of the bullpen. The division comes down to these two teams, USA Today got this one right at least.

NL East:

This is laughable. The Mets have by far the best pitching rotation in Major League Baseball. It’s really not close. Harvey, DeGrom, Syndergaard, Matz, and Wheeler coming back from injury, is pure domination.  Add in a vet presence like big sexy, Bartolo Colon, their staff is legit. Their lineup has questions, but not as many as Washington and Atlanta. Mets should win this division by at least 10 games. But they are the Mets, so you never know.

NL Central:

Hailing the Cubs as possibly the best team in baseball is a bit of a stretch, especially considering their pitching really let them down in the postseason last year. Their lineup is the best in baseball top to bottom and it also helps they’ll play 81 games in Wrigley. However, to completely overlook the Cardinals as the favorite to win the division is not doing that organization justice. They will quietly go about destroying everyone again this season, just like last year. Cubs and Cards will come down to the last two weeks of the season.

NL West:

Completely up for grabs. Letting Mattingly go will haunt the Dodgers this season, and unfortunately for them, they are going to learn that the hard way. I look for the Diamondbacks to be a sneaky good pick for the division if the Giants struggle like they did last year.  I think this division as well will come down to the last weeks of the season, with the DBacks as surprise winners. Bochy has lost his magic in San Fran.


Overall the USA Today weren’t too far off from the likely reality of the 2016 MLB season, but they are wayyyyyyyyyy off on a few predictions which will inevitably make them look like jackasses down the road. Much like that Colts pick did.

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