Mets Fans Should Be Concerned With Cespedes


I have had enough with the press that Yoenis Cespedes’ cars at spring training have gotten, especially in the “esteemed” New York media, and here’s why: 4 month’s ago, they were pushing for the Mets not to resign him.  Aside from that, who actually gives a shit what this guy drives to spring training?! 2 straight days his car was given the sports cover for the Newsday, on the same days that had games from the Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, and Nets. But instead of giving one of those match ups the covers, they gave it to Cespedes’ car, twice.

It is so sad when you look at the talent on that roster, and the centerpiece of the attention comes from a guy that all but disappeared when it really mattered last year: the playoffs. Instead of worrying about what the guy drives to practice or that he wears his hat backwards in the cage, maybe they should be concerned with the fact he hit .228 in the playoffs, or the .150 he hit in the World Series.


Before you jump on me, I know he probably singlehandedly carried them to the playoffs, but ask any winning organization, its not getting to the playoffs that matters, its winning the World Series that does, and when push came to shove, Cespedes would rather injure himself on the golf course than win the Series.

So, instead of giving out the stats on how much his cars cost, why don’t we give out the stats that really matter:

2015 Postseason:

BA: .228 (.150 in the World Series)

OBP: .242 (.143 in the World Series)

Hits: 12 (3 in the World Series)

HR: 2 (0 in the World Series)

RBI: 8 (1 in the World Series)

K’s: 17 (6 in the World Series)

Not quite the production you expect out of your “star” so before we go anointing him and his car collection into the HOF, why don’t Mets fans demand the production they are paying him for, or at least the production the media is hyping him up for.

We all know the guy is all about numero uno and could not possibly care less about the guys he takes the field with 162+ times a year.  But this is New York, we love these guys right? Wrong. Look at how Harvey was destroyed in the press last season when people thought he wanted out of the Mets organization or when he was late to a practice, or his agent stepped in and put an innings limit on him. Yet Cespedes remains untouchable, regardless of production.

He has a reputation of being an absolute cancer in the locker room, he burned all of his bridges in Oakland, they hated him in Detroit, and they couldn’t get him out of Boston fast enough, so what makes anyone think he’ll change his attitude in New York? He won’t. In fact, his self-centered attitude is only going to grow, especially now that he is getting ALL of the attention out of Mets camp in Port St. Lucie.

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