The “Baby Stuff” Irony

Hockey is an emotional sport that has a high level of physicality which is why they allow fighting.  With that comes an underlying sense of respect they have for their fellow players.  The fact that they can spend 5 minutes trying to beat the shit out of each other, then pat the other guy on the ass as they skate to the penalty box says something about the game. Its physical yes, but not barbaric.

The Penguins and Rangers squared off in a divisional game with a valuable 2 points on the line with an extremely close playoff race coming down to the wire.  The two teams are going at it in the second period when Lundqvist loses his stick, gets knocked over and proceeds to not get a call from the referees.  Goalies are super protective of their crease and they don’t like being hit, so you could understand his frustration.  However, there didn’t seem to be any penalty warranted as McDonagh was the one that made contact with Henrik and was not shoved by any Penguin.  This was probably the culmination of a rough period for the Ranger’s netminder as he proceeded to give up 3 goals.  It all came to head when Hank flipped the net out of frustration.


Its pretty clear to say that the normally levelheaded goalie just lost his cool and let out a little frustration. Nothing much to it right?  Well after the game, Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was asked if he’d ever respond like that, to which he replied: “no, that’s baby stuff”.


The thing that hockey players absolutely cannot stand, are cheap shots and crybabies.  If you want to hit somebody, do it cleanly, or ask them to fight. Don’t slash someone’s legs or cross check them from behind, that’s how you really hurt someone. Especially don’t do that if you are going to whine to the referees every time someone makes contact with you.

Enter Sidney Crosby.

crosby 1

Arguably the most talented guy to step foot on the ice in the NHL since Gretzky, but a notorious crybaby.  He is known for bitching to the refs when he gets hit, but he is the first guy to sick his glove in someone’s face, or give them an extra shove after the whistle.  Which is why if you ask any fan outside of Pittsburgh, this is why they cannot root for someone like that. And I am sure if you asked around the league, they would say the same thing. Nobody likes a baby, especially one that should be penalized a lot more than he is.


It’s rich a Penguins player is going to talk about being a baby and pulling childish moves like that, when the biggest cry baby in the NHL plays forward for them.  Of course their fans loved Lundqvist doing this and they were having a field day on Twitter about it. It’s just so ironic they can’t see their star player for what he is, but are so quick to point out someone else’s outburst.






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