Why A Donald Trump Presidency Would Be Worse Than You Think



*Disclaimer: I am not a political analyst, nor do I even enjoy talking about politics, there are just some things that have to be said.


Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the US Political realm is not as much of a surprise as you might think.  He is just a name, but it is the persona that scares people, and it is one that the GOP has been creating for quite some time.  Over the past few decades, the Republican party has lost more and more appeal with the rise of more diverse cities and the realization that some of the ideals the party was built on, no longer apply.  Lets take some of the very touchy issues: gay rights, abortion and immigration.

Gay rights is something that has been in existence and fought for long before anyone cared to pay attention.  It has been scientifically proven that one simply does not choose to gay or bisexual.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s look at a quick example. Say you’re a boy in third grade.  You walk into class on the first day of school and you have the luck of getting assigned to the desk right next to Susie, the cutest girl in school.  You have the biggest crush on her and this is your year to finally get the guts to tell her you like her.  Now let me ask you, do you know why you like her? Did you choose to think she was cute? No, you didn’t.  So why would you think that suddenly the boys and girls who find people of their own sex attractive chose to be that way? They didn’t. Myth Dispelled.

Abortion. This one is tricky because it involves the cross of science and religion.  The question needs to be asked, when do you view the beginning of life?  When conception occurs, when the fetus has developed, or when the baby is born?  It’s not a question I can answer, I am neither a scientist nor a religious expert.  But here is the thing, there is a separation of church and state for a reason.  If you are going to make abortion illegal, then it cannot be for religious purposes.  Personally, I am not necessarily a supporter of abortion, I view it as a worst-case scenario, if you’ve exhausted all other options, but the bottom line remains this, it is the woman’s choice what to do with her body and since she is the one who has to carry the baby, she deserves the right to make that choice.

Immigration.  This is at the forefront of Trump’s campaign, and the irony here is just gleaming.  Immigration is what this country was built on.  Unless you are of Native American decent, that means that one if not all of your relatives have an ancestor that immigrated to this country at one point in history.  Irish? Chances are they left for relief from the potato famine.  German?  Maybe they left to get out of a Nazi-controlled country.  Iranian or Syrian?  Maybe they left for relief from a consistently war-torn part of the world.  Immigration is what makes this country so great, the melting pot of cultures. The idea of turning people away for fear is a bad way to run a country.  If our forefathers did that, this country would not be as great as it is right now.  The irony I mentioned before, Trump’s wife is an immigrant. Imagine if he had already been president, they might not be married.

The truth is, the Republican party tried to bring forward more down the middle candidates to run for office because they knew it was the only way they could hope to compete with the growing in popularity Democratic party.  Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole.  None of those guys were sever right wing Republicans, and only one of them won their elections. That is a lot of years of Democrats in office, and the party was growing sick of it as were their supporters.  The idea of a radical, right wing republican who would take all of the twisted morals and ideas and pray on the narrow-mindedness of the blind followers of the GOP gave way to the rise of Donald Trump.

Listen, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and their political preference, but the fact remains this, if Donald Trump takes office next January, it would not be a good thing, and here’s why.

  1. His popularity is built on a culture of hate and intolerance.  Anyone can see the brutality and the cult-like attitudes his followers have at his rallies.  Some would call that passion, but I for one, do not.  The yelling of racial slurs, telling black people to go back to Africa, calling anyone of Middle Eastern decent a terrorist, and claiming that all illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists and murderers.  You want to know who else ruled by that same type of fear? Hitler. Yes sir, Adolf Hitler was able to convince every one of his followers that the Jewish people were responsible for the economic downturn of Germany following WWI, and guess what, people believed it. Why? Because they were frustrated with how things were going, and Hitler was one of the most charismatic speakers in the history of the world. Sound familiar?  You guess its, that’s Trump. Rallying people off of fear with  fantastic public speaking ability.
  2. He says that he won’t negotiate with foreign leaders.  This is just ignorance at its finest. Listen, nobody wants their president to be bullied when it comes to international relations and foreign diplomacy, but saying you will not negotiate is a recipe for disaster.  Being the President of the United States means that you have to help put together the best laid plans for the world to work as a cohesive unit and avoid any further conflict.  Deciding you want to rule the country and inherently the world as a dominant leader makes you an elected dictator, and there are about 20 close allies of the United States that will not stand by and allow that to happen.  We need friends and allies, those same allies that helped put together the precious Iranian Nuclear Deal that Trump wants to rip up.  Oh you didn’t know that?  Did you really think that President Obama was the only one that put that together?  Tough break, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Italy, South Korea and quite a few others all signed that deal, and guess what, it’s going to help prevent a war someday. But let’s go ahead and rip it up. Great idea, Donald.
  3. He has no political background.  Look I get it, people are fed up with career politicians, the running around of the tough questions and not giving straight answers. People want a “real person” to run the country.  Well here’s the problem with that, Donald Trump has not given one real answer to the hard questions he’s been asked, and the easy ones, like being asked if he denounces David Duke and the KKK, he can’t even answer.  Why do you think there has been a long standing history of politicians that hold elected offices?  It’s because it is their job.  Saying Donald Trump has the qualifications to run the country is like asking  recent college graduate to run Google. It just doesn’t make sense.  The bottom line: he is in way over his head when it comes to politics.  All of his bluster and “telling it like it is” is sexy in a campaign, but when he actually needs to do the job he is running for, he will not stand up.
  4. Being a “great businessman” does not mean you will be a great president.  Running the country is nothing like running a business, period.  Yeah sure, you can fill your cabinet with people who know what they are doing, but guess what, every president before him has done the exact same thing. That is what the cabinet is for.  But at the end of the day, the one that needs to make all of the hard decisions, take in all of that advisement and make the best decision for the country, that is the president.  So no, running it like a business where the owner is able to leave all of the day-to-day operations to his upper and lower management teams, is simply impossible.  And while we are on this great businessman mantra, lets talk about that.  It’s no secret that Trump has built his fortune with successful real estate ventures.  But he is not batting 1.000 by any stretch.  He has had 4 businesses file for bankruptcy, his “Trump University” is a scam under investigation and he thought opening a mortgage company at the height of the housing collapse was a good idea.  He isn’t only filled with great ideas, and when he makes a bad decision in office, there is no “Presidential Bankruptcy” that he can file that just let’s him start over.
  5. He has no policies. Listen, any intern adviser can go online and put together a healthcare plan based on their research on Wikipedia.  But when its time for Trump to stand up and explain HOW he is going to do things, he simply cannot.  If you have watched any debate or speech he has given up until now, he has not been able to once explain what and how he is going to do what he claims.  Lets look at his biggest selling point, the wall.  Trump claims he is going to build a wall for cheaper than what experts say it would actually cost to build, bullshit.  He said he is going to make Mexico pay for it, Bullshit. They will not. He said that keeping out Mexicans will make America Great Again, bullshit. It will not. And what about foreign affairs. Saying you will destroy ISIS is one thing, but he has not once said how. Yeah bombing the shit out of them is a good idea, but it is already being done, so if the Obama administration is doing such a bad job and you are proposing the same thing, then what makes you better?  Oh I forgot, he is going to hunt down the wives and children of ISIS fighters and kill them.  For those of you wondering, that is a War Crime, not a foreign policy. For a a guy that claims to tell it like it is, and a non-career politician, he certainly dances around questions like he is one.


The beauty of a democracy is that the people get to elect their leader.  However, when you make the wrong decision, their mistakes and shortcomings effect billions of people.  So yes, you go ahead and vote for who you want, but don’t make a choice based on party lines, make the choice by who you think is most qualified to run the country for the next four years.

If you think that the problem with a lot of what is happening with the country is the fault of the Obama administration, you need to take a long hard look at the way politics work.  Here’s a hint, it is a Republican controlled Congress, and no wars are fought or laws made without their approval. So don’t think that putting a Republican candidate in office is going to be the end all be all of the issues that face the country.

I’ll end with this. Regardless of who you vote for, make sure that you vote.  We live in a country where people have a say in the leaders of our country.  We are blessed to live in a democracy and if you cannot see that, take a look at what life is like living in a dictatorship.  For those of you who think your vote does not count or matter, you might be right, one might not make a difference, but if enough of you think that way, that one vote turns to thousands and thousands make the difference in an election.  Exercise your right to vote, and if you choose not to do so, then you do not have the right to discuss the presidential election or the way any past or future president has done their job.

Election day is Nov. 8th. Get your ass to the polls.


Feel free to tweet me or comment on your thoughts.  Engaging in political debates is what this country is built on, but come with educated thoughts, yelling and rambling remarks will not get you a reply


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