Ep. 12 – Athletes and Media

Danny, Jimmy and Jon sit down and talk about the polarizing relationship that athletes and media have. The guys debate whether social media is good or bad for sports and if athletes will ever learn to behave off the field with the rise of smartphones and instant information. In addition, they talk about the NCAA investigation into the UNC Academic fraud, the NFL Draft and the resurfacing of Deflategate. … More Ep. 12 – Athletes and Media

Ep. 11- The State of Baseball

Arthur, Danny and Jon are back again with another episode of Tailgate Talk Show. This week the main topic the guys discuss is the state of baseball namely if its too boring, are bat-flips bad, should the playoff format change and much more. They also discuss the latest in the NFL with the Eagles/Browns trade, Josh Norman and Johnny Manziel. Finally the guys talk about if the incorporation of advertising on NBA jerseys is a good or bad thing for the league. … More Ep. 11- The State of Baseball

How Is Letang Able To Get Away With Almost Murdering Stalberg?

ICYMI:   I only have one question after that: Why is this not a suspension? Better yet, why didn’t this at least get a phone call or hearing from NHL Player Safety?   The NHL has notoriously gone soft in their rules and suspensions in the playoffs and its going to lead to someone getting … More How Is Letang Able To Get Away With Almost Murdering Stalberg?