Trying To Capture Baseball’s Crazy Opening Week

The weather still playing a factor in multiple ways — even causing delays one wouldn’t see in June.

No names quickly becoming household names and lead stories on SportSCenter.

Felix Hernadez throwing the first pitch, Bryce Harper homering, and Clayton Kershaw throwing a gem. Yep, it must be baseball season.

All three of the aforementioned happened on opening day, but in baseball’s first week, there has been a lot that happened. Here some takeaways.

All Hail King Felix

The Seattle Mariners may not have a lot of odds in its favor, but they still have Felix Hernandez. Hernandez, 29, has now pitched nine consecutive opening days for the Mariners — an MLB record anybody under the age of 30. He took the loss after giving up three runs — one earned — and striking out six in six innings.

Felix Hernandez
If there has been one major constant for Mariner’s fans, it’s Felix Hernandez. The King’s court sure wasn’t disappointed with their No. 1 pitcher in Texas. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Pick-up For Ourselves

Robinson Cano, Bryce Harper and David Price picked up right where they left off in 2015. Cano, after looking like a flop of a signing in Seattle in the first half of 2015, started to look like the Cano of old in New York. He hit .319 in the second half, and now has four home runs, all coming in the opening series against Texas. Only time will tell if Edgar Martinez is the answer to his problem in the Pacific Northwest.

Bryce Harper silenced all the critics wondering what is so special about a player that dropped out of high school and has since made three all star games when he was 21 years old. His .330 batting average to go with 42 home runs was enough to win him MVP honors. He then continued to show that side, hitting a home run on opening day — his fourth career round tripper on Opening Day — and another a couple of days ago. He’s doing it all through the style of play he wants to bring to MLB.

Bryce Harper
Bat flips, walk-up music, and the Donald Trump rally style hats to go with his style of play, Bryce Harper has been putting his stamp on the game in many different ways.

The Price is right in Boston. Splitting time between Detroit and Toronto, David Price continued to show why he should be considered one the best pitchers in all of baseball. He had his fourth season of 200-plus innings pitched and strikeouts (2011, 2012 and 2014) and on Opening Day, dawning Red Sox uniform (His fourth team in three years), he struck out ten Indians, picking up his first win. Looks like things will go easier for him on the mound in Boston than getting his dog, Astro, to Boston.

Who’s Story Is This?

Trevor’s. After MLB implemented a policy for domestic abuse charges, the Rockies and shortstop Jose Reyes agreed to terms of paid leave until the front office comes up with a proper punishment. Reyes was arrested in October for allegedly assaulting his wife, and has since had charges dropped. Similar situation happened with Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman in the legal side of things, and still faces a 40-game suspension. Expect something similar, if not harsher, for Reyes.

Trevor Story though has helped create a new chapter for the Rockies. The surprising powerful shortstop has hit at least one home run in the games first four games, seven overall in the first six games. No other player in the history of the game had ever done that. Regardless if he keeps that up, it’s still a good story for an awful situation the Rockies were put in to start the season.

Fun fact: Story recorded a 1.468 OPS in the first week of 2016. Barry Bonds recorded a 1.422 for all of 2004.

*Fun Fact information came from @theaceofspaeder on Twitter. If you don’t follow that account, do yourself a favor and do so. Every baseball fan should be following it for some amazing information.

There has been a lot of amazing things to happen in the first week of the season. I didn’t even mention the fact Madison Bumgarner is the only player to have multiple home runs off Clayton Kershaw since the start of 2015. I didn’t bring up Starlin Castro’s amazing start to his Yankees career. In fact, so much has happened, we call them video game numbers. I’m now going back to playing The Show to try and recapture the craziness.

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