How Is Curt Schilling Still Employed?

I am not thrilled about the over-sensitive PC nature the world is leaning toward so don’t think this is some left wing, liberal tirade against the man.  But here is the thing, Curt Schilling just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to his social media presence.

Back in August of 2015, Curt tweeted then deleted this shocking photo with an even more arrogant statement along with it:


For his efforts, ESPN suspended the former major league pitcher turned analyst.  A seemingly just punishment for someone who has not had a bad history on social media and certainly has not said anything on camera while representing the company.  To most, you would think this punishment would be enough for him to take a second to think before tweeting or posting to Facebook at the very least for fear of job loss.  He stayed out of trouble for a while, then he did it again, this time targeting a different, yet hated group of people:


Wait! As if this photo was not enough to make a statement, he elaborated:


This most recent outburst on Facebook has yet to land Schilling in total hot water with ESPN, but they released a statement saying they were investigating the matter further.


It is a Constitutional right to say whatever you want and post whatever you want to social media (even though that’s not what the framers of the Constitution were assuming the world would lead when they wrote it) and who is in a position to say otherwise. I get it, the freedoms granted in the Bill of Rights are just as important to people as the 2nd Amendment is to the NRA.  However, there is no protection in that document to make you any less of an ignorant asshole for expressing your “freedoms”.

When you work for a company as big and as public as ESPN, you are (and should be) held to a higher standard.  Most celebrities and public figures on social media are held to that higher standard because they want to keep their jobs and they are very much in the cross-hairs of people who want them to fuck up.  That’s what Curt Schilling has done, AGAIN. And it begs the question: How is he still employed?

ESPN is all about their image.  They don’t want their personalities doing any programs outside of the ones owned and operated under the Disney/ESPN umbrella, especially their analysts.  They pay millions of dollars for these men and women to represent their brand and their product, so when one goes off the rails, they should have no problem letting them go.

Here is the flaming hot take that somebody somewhere is desperately trying to make ralatable: IF Curt Schilling was black and said things of this nature, would he be immediately fired?  Valid question in most cases, as there is no doubt a systematic racism in this country whether you see it or not.

But in this case it does not apply.  Why?  Because these posts are so White Christian it hurts.  No other group of people would make these posts because they are so blatantly ignorant and racist.  Now I am not saying all white Christians are racist, I am a white Christian (well Catholic actually but that’s not the point) but there is certainly plenty of evidence to back this up.

Back to Schilling, (who just so happens to be white and christian) the fact remains this, his ignorance toward the Muslim religion and the LGBT community, who like so many others, are fighting for some resemblance of equality in this “free country” that we live in, has no place, especially when you are a public figure working for a multi-national, multi-million dollar company. His views, although he is entitled to them, are so wrong its not even worth the breath to argue with people like him and it makes you wonder how just a God fearing man can preach the same hate that the Bible and Ten Commandments teaches not to have.

It really leaves the question: How is Curt Schilling still employed?


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