How Is Letang Able To Get Away With Almost Murdering Stalberg?



I only have one question after that:

Why is this not a suspension?

Better yet, why didn’t this at least get a phone call or hearing from NHL Player Safety?


The NHL has notoriously gone soft in their rules and suspensions in the playoffs and its going to lead to someone getting seriously hurt (Stalberg losing three teeth apparently isn’t injury enough).  The 1-game suspension that Philadelphia’s Pierre-Edouard Bellemare got for his hit on Washington’s Dmitry Orlov would most likely have warrented a 10-game suspension in the regular season, but only getting 1 in the playoffs begs the question: why the change in approach?  If you want to stop the hits like that, or the high sticks in the Letang case, you would think the logical way to do it is enforce stricter penalties, especially when it matters most: in the playoffs.

I’m sure Chicago’s Andrew Shaw will get a suspension for yelling “faggot” from the penalty box in last night’s game, and don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be allowed to yell things like that, not in today’s world.  But you’re gunna tell me he deserves equal or worse punishment than the Bellemare hit?  No way.  Whatever happened to the old saying: “sticks and stones”?  I guess in the NHL’s case, hockey sticks and boards will break your bones but words will always hurt you.

It really makes you wonder.

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