TTS #74- Super Bowl Hangover and Spring Training

In this weeks episode the guys are back to discuss their takeaways from Super Bowl LIII. they debate whether Julian Edelman deserved the MVP, why people forget he took PEDs and if viewership and league perception was hurt by the defensive/ low scoring game. Additionally, they talk about the start of the AAF, if it has a chance to be successful and if they believe it will last longer than the USFL. With spring training around the corner, some big names are still free agents, the boys sound off on where they believe some will sign. Finally, they wrap the show discussing the NBA trade deadline, the NHL standings and the Real Sports Report about declining numbers of children playing full contact tackle football.  … More TTS #74- Super Bowl Hangover and Spring Training

TTS #73- Football Ends Today

The band is back together. Fisher Arthur and Danny sit down for their first show together in months and this on the last day of the 2018-2019 NFL season. The boys discuss the NFL awards handed out last night, did  the voters get it right? additionally they discuss the new Hall of Fame class and the upcoming classes. Looking ahead to the SBLIII matchup, we discuss the controversies coming out of the conference championships, the meeting of the old guard vs the new NFL head coaches and what they are looking forward to in the offseason.  … More TTS #73- Football Ends Today