TTS #60- The Gang Wins A Super Bowl

After many years of despair, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. The guys are back for a discussion of the big game one week removed. Fisher discusses his thoughts and emotions as the game went on. In addition the guys talk abut the future of both teams involved, the upcoming offseason in the NFL, some Olympics talk and Pitchers and Catchers reporting in Major League Baseball.  … More TTS #60- The Gang Wins A Super Bowl

TTS #59- At Least One Of Us Has A Team Playing This Weekend

The guys are back for another TTS episode. This week they open the show discussing the evolving story of the case against Larry Nassar and the shocking revelations of the horrible things being done under the USA Gymnastics watch. In addition they discuss the upcoming conference championship games in the NFL, the legacy of Nick Saban, some NHL and NBA talk and wrap the show with the upcoming reveal of the MLB Hall Of Fame inductees.  … More TTS #59- At Least One Of Us Has A Team Playing This Weekend

TTS #58- New Year, Same Us

The guys are back for the first time in 2018 with some fresh drama to discuss.  Coming off a bombshell article by ESPN describing a rift between Brady, Belichick and Kraft in the Patriots organization, the guys discuss the credibility, believability and the future of this dynasty.  they debate who, if any of the people involved will leave at the end of the season and what will become of this supposedly solid relationship. Elsewhere in the NFL, the coaching carousel continues to spin with quite a few vacancies open as well as some that didn’t much to the surprise of the football world.  Other topics include the upcoming all SEC national championship game, MLB cold stove, and the NHL Winter Classic. … More TTS #58- New Year, Same Us

TTS #56- The Yanks Reel In A Big Fish

Danny and Arthur are back after a short break and start things off discussing the blockbuster trade that sent Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees. The guys debate who got the better end of the trade, what the Yankees do with their new outfield situation and what other pieces they need to be a World Series contender. They also discuss the drama happening in the NY Giants organization, the NFL playoff races, College Football Playoff and if Seattle is a good city for an NHL franchise.
More TTS #56- The Yanks Reel In A Big Fish

TTS #55- The Hall Debate

The guys are back this week and begin with the great hall of fame debate- how do we judge players, coaches and owners as being Hall Of Fame worthy? Is there a double standard when it comes to voting, and why some people get snubbed. Additionally, they discuss the madness of Rivalry Week in College Football, the upcoming conference championships, and who we think will be in the CFP. Other topics include: the debacle of Thursday Night Football, the Heisman Trophy race, LaVar  vs. Donald and the possibility of NHL expansion in Houston.  … More TTS #55- The Hall Debate

TTS #54- An American Woman Won The NYC Marathon For The First Time In 40 Years

Big news coming out of the running world today, an American Woman won the NYC Marathon for the first time in 40 years, Danny and Fisher discuss the significance of that and why it should get more attention. This week, the guys also break down what is happening in the NFL, another decimating injury to a rising star, can anyone stop the Eagles and does anyone care about Greg Hardy’s MMA career. In addition, they discuss the impact of the Houston Astros’ World Series victory, a crazy Saturday in NCAA Football, who the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy is, the upcoming Catholics vs Convicts matchup and if Tiger Woods is officially back. … More TTS #54- An American Woman Won The NYC Marathon For The First Time In 40 Years

TTS #53- Rankings Never Come Easy

The Guys are back after a week off and jump right into it discussing the upcoming madness of the first CFP rankings of the season. Much like years past, there will be plenty of debate surrounding the early “Who’s in, who’s out” question. In addition, they discuss the MLB playoffs and how they think the last 3 games of the World Series will play out. finally the wrap the show discussing  this weeks NFL games, who has been the most impressive player and team at the halfway point and the controversial comments made by the Texans owner.  … More TTS #53- Rankings Never Come Easy

TTS #52- The Jacksonville What?

This week on Tailgate the guys discuss the disaster that is the USMNT and their elimination from 2018 World Cup Qualifying. They talk about what went wrong for them, how to fix it and why the USWNT doesn’t get the recognition and money they deserve despite their success. In addition, they talk about the happenings of the MLB playoffs, predict who will move on to the World Series and what managers will not survive the off season. They also take a look into college football and the major upsets that occurred on Friday night, looking ahead to possible playoff scenarios, and why the Pac-12 feels they are slighted on TV coverage. Finally they round out the week discussing the NFL, and possibly the best QB right now, Carson Wentz, the Eli manning trade rumors and if Ben McAdoo survives the season as HC of the New York Giants. … More TTS #52- The Jacksonville What?

TTS #51- Scandal U

The guys are back this week and start things off discussing the most recent scandal to shock the NCAA world, they discuss the ramifications and whether this further opens the door to D1 athletes getting paid. In addition, they go in depth on the upcoming MLB playoffs, who they like to win the World Series and whether the Wild Card Game should become a series. Finally they wrap up the show discussing the recent happenings in NCAA football and the NFL.  … More TTS #51- Scandal U