TTS #69 – We’re going on a little bit of an adventure

College football is back. The NFL starts this week. Baseball’s playoff picture is only getting started. In this week’s episode, Arthur and Jimmy break down the biggest storylines in the opening week of NCAA football. They talk the biggest storylines striking the NFL as the Eagles and Falcons kick off Thursday while breaking down the … More TTS #69 – We’re going on a little bit of an adventure

TTS #68

Jimmy and Arthur sit down to talk about the issues impacting baseball as recent as this week. The discussion includes broadcasters, PEDs, domestic abuse, marketing and the almighty DH. They dive into some of the legal issues facing Maryland and Ohio State football programs and what they expect to happen as the truth gets uncovered … More TTS #68

TTS #66 – Big Fish In The Sea

Mike Trout recently played his 1,000th career game. Arthur and Jimmy take a closer look at his numbers and compare them to Hall of Fame worthy players through their first 1,000 games. They discuss how it was pushed aside for Jameis Winston’s suspension while finishing the show with other hot topics this week.