TTS #52- The Jacksonville What?

This week on Tailgate the guys discuss the disaster that is the USMNT and their elimination from 2018 World Cup Qualifying. They talk about what went wrong for them, how to fix it and why the USWNT doesn’t get the recognition and money they deserve despite their success. In addition, they talk about the happenings of the MLB playoffs, predict who will move on to the World Series and what managers will not survive the off season. They also take a look into college football and the major upsets that occurred on Friday night, looking ahead to possible playoff scenarios, and why the Pac-12 feels they are slighted on TV coverage. Finally they round out the week discussing the NFL, and possibly the best QB right now, Carson Wentz, the Eli manning trade rumors and if Ben McAdoo survives the season as HC of the New York Giants. … More TTS #52- The Jacksonville What?

TTS #51- Scandal U

The guys are back this week and start things off discussing the most recent scandal to shock the NCAA world, they discuss the ramifications and whether this further opens the door to D1 athletes getting paid. In addition, they go in depth on the upcoming MLB playoffs, who they like to win the World Series and whether the Wild Card Game should become a series. Finally they wrap up the show discussing the recent happenings in NCAA football and the NFL.  … More TTS #51- Scandal U

TTS #50- Dear MLB, Be Proactive Not Reactive

The guys are back this week and kick things off talking safety in sports, both for players and fans. They debate if the MLB needs more safety netting to protect spectators, if the NFL’s CTE problem is larger than they think and why concussions are a much larger problem in the NFL than in other contact sports, specifically the NHL. In addition, they discuss the day’s happenings on the gridiron, NCAA football, the MLB playoff race and the end of the PGA Tour season.  … More TTS #50- Dear MLB, Be Proactive Not Reactive

TTS #49- Is Jerry’s World The End Of Roger’s World?

As Jerry Jones inserts himself into the contract negations of Commissioner Goodell, the guys debate what the relationship is like in major sports with the Commissioner, Owners and the Player’s Association. Additionally they talk about the disciplinary power the commish yields, the end of Alex Smith in KC, if the Pats are overrated and if there’s an 0-2 team that can come back this year. In NCAA they talk about the collision course Alabama and Clemson are on, Texas-USC pt. 2, and the validity of the AP rankings. Finally tey round out the show discussing the MLB playoff races and how much talking heads in “Hot Take” shows believe what comes out of their mouth … More TTS #49- Is Jerry’s World The End Of Roger’s World?

TTS #48- Football Is Back And So Are We

After a long summer off the guys are back and so is football season.  This week the guys talk about the upcoming NFL Season and some of the top story lines that come with it. Arthur, Danny and Fisher take a look at the reputation players get for their actions both on the field and off and whether they deserve the rep they get. In addition, they discuss what teams they like to make the playoffs this year, their preseason favorites for MVP and a way too early Super Bowl pick. Finally the guys round out the show with some NCAA football talk, the MLB postseason race and why USA Men’s soccer is not as successful as the WSWNT.  … More TTS #48- Football Is Back And So Are We

NFL 2017 Schedule Release: Biggest Games for Each Week

The NFL 2017 schedule has been released, so we now know when and where our favorite teams will play and what primetime games are on tap. Like last year, the guys from Tailgate Talk Show will each provide one game they feel you should definitely tune into each week and why this season. Here we … More NFL 2017 Schedule Release: Biggest Games for Each Week