TTS #68

Jimmy and Arthur sit down to talk about the issues impacting baseball as recent as this week. The discussion includes broadcasters, PEDs, domestic abuse, marketing and the almighty DH. They dive into some of the legal issues facing Maryland and Ohio State football programs and what they expect to happen as the truth gets uncovered … More TTS #68

TTS #67- The BBWAA Stinks

This week Danny and Arthur are back and with the Hall Of Fame Induction coming up this weekend, they get into some Hall chat. The guys debate the merits of the First Ballot, who deserves to be in, the legacy of Chipper Jones and which guys still in the league today are locks to be HOFers. New segment will be a weekly trivia question begins on this show: “who are the only 5 MLB Hall Of Famers who were elected solely based on their careers as relief pitchers”.  Finally the guys wrap the show with some NFL training camp talk and which storylines they are looking forward to the most this upcoming season  … More TTS #67- The BBWAA Stinks

TTS #66 – Big Fish In The Sea

Mike Trout recently played his 1,000th career game. Arthur and Jimmy take a closer look at his numbers and compare them to Hall of Fame worthy players through their first 1,000 games. They discuss how it was pushed aside for Jameis Winston’s suspension while finishing the show with other hot topics this week.

TTS #65- The Crowning of Justify

Justify becomes just the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown and only the second to do it while undefeated in their racing career. the guys discuss the race, the impact of the sport on the most casual of racing fans and if the prize of the Triple Crown has begun to lose its luster. Additionally, the guys talk some baseball, the next couple of months leading up to the trade deadline, and if some surprise teams can keep up their winning ways. It is finally the Caps’ year and Ovi is living it up. Warriors sweep the Cavs and the US Open returns to one of its founding Courses.  … More TTS #65- The Crowning of Justify

TTS #64- The NFL Kneels To Trump

This week on the pod the guys get into the NFL’s new policy regarding fining players for not standing for the National Anthem. Is it right for the NFL to make this policy, are they within their rights to do so, are they really afraid of the ratings fallout from the protest and how much does Trump’s wrath have an effect on the league. Additionally, the guys talk NBA Conference Finals game 7s, the Stanley Cup Finals and the MLBs report that they are not juicing the baseballs.  … More TTS #64- The NFL Kneels To Trump

TTS #63- Back And All Over The Place

The guys are back after a month long hiatus and the episode picks up mid-debate and Fisher getting some flak for his Eagles takes. The remainder of the episode, the guys jump into some MLB talk, who can dethrone the Yankees and Red Sox and some Manny Machado trade talk.  In the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights win the Western Conference Finals continuing the magical season the expansion franchise is having. In the NBA, the guys debate whether we will see a rematch in the finals or some new blood. On tour, they discuss the impact of Tiger Woods on the game of golf.  Some Triple Crown talk and hyping up the Alma-Matter as their baseball team searches for their first College World Series bid.  … More TTS #63- Back And All Over The Place

TTS #62- The Year Of The Catholics

Recorded on the day of the Final Four matchups, the guys are back to break down what we saw this year in the NCAA Tournament. They debate what the biggest storyline will be looking back, who they like to survive the Final Four and who will be crowned champion on Monday night.  Other topics include the exciting start to the MLB season, upcoming NHL playoffs, the legacy of LeBron James and Tiger Woods returning to Augusta. … More TTS #62- The Year Of The Catholics

TTS #61- The New Selection Show

The Guys are back and today is Selection Sunday. CBS/Turner are launching a new section show format and the guys break it down and discuss what they like and dislike about the format. In addition, they debate the ranking system for the NCAA tournament, the idea of Mid-Majors being high ranked seeds and whether they enjoy the first two days of the tournament the most. In addition, they discuss the upcoming NFL draft, what some teams’ biggest needs are and what the Eagles need in order to defend their title. They wrap the show with some Spring Training talk, the return of Tiger Woods to top shape and who their favorites are to win the Stanley Cup … More TTS #61- The New Selection Show

TTS #60- The Gang Wins A Super Bowl

After many years of despair, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. The guys are back for a discussion of the big game one week removed. Fisher discusses his thoughts and emotions as the game went on. In addition the guys talk abut the future of both teams involved, the upcoming offseason in the NFL, some Olympics talk and Pitchers and Catchers reporting in Major League Baseball.  … More TTS #60- The Gang Wins A Super Bowl

TTS #59- At Least One Of Us Has A Team Playing This Weekend

The guys are back for another TTS episode. This week they open the show discussing the evolving story of the case against Larry Nassar and the shocking revelations of the horrible things being done under the USA Gymnastics watch. In addition they discuss the upcoming conference championship games in the NFL, the legacy of Nick Saban, some NHL and NBA talk and wrap the show with the upcoming reveal of the MLB Hall Of Fame inductees.  … More TTS #59- At Least One Of Us Has A Team Playing This Weekend