TTS #45- Optimism and Pessimism In Sports Fans

Danny and Arthur sit down to discuss what does into the attitudes of sports fans, what does it take to have a positive outlook on their teams and what makes certain fans always so pessimistic about their squads. They go in depth with the current confidence of some top teams’ fans and how their attitudes will change when their teams are not winning anymore. They also discuss the NCAA Tournament by recapping the two Final Four games from over the weekend, the lasting impact of the long runs made by South Carolina and Oregon, and discuss Gonzaga’s chances against and experience UNC team who’s back in the Championship for the second straight year. Finally the guys wrap up the show with the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas, Masters predictions, the USA Women’s hockey pay settlement and why Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL. … More TTS #45- Optimism and Pessimism In Sports Fans

TTS #44- Survive and Advance

Danny and Arthur are back this week and the big story across sports is obviously the NCAA Tournament. March Madness has taken over everyone’s lives and rightfully so. The guys break down some of the big storylines from the first two days of the tournament as well as some second round games and look forward to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. In addition, the boys discuss the NCAA Men’s Hockey bracket that came out, who they like and don’t like of the 16 qualifiers. With the big boys, Danny and Arthur look ahead to potential Stanley Cup Playoff matchups and if it is still “Washington’s Year”. Finally they round out the show with the (now) popular World Baseball Classic and how the United State’s success is the only thing that can drive ratings. … More TTS #44- Survive and Advance

TTS #43- Free Agency And The WBC

Arthur, Fisher, and Danny are back after a week off to discuss the craziness that is NFL free agency, the upcoming NCAA Tournament, the WBC and MLB Spring Training. The guys get in depth as to who the winners and losers of free agency were and where they thing some of the remaining big names are going to wind up. With Selection Sunday happening the day after recording, they try to predict who the number 1 seeds will be, if its right the ACC will get close to or more than 10 teams in and if they think this is the year for a mid-major to make a final four push. Finally the round out the show with Tim Tebow talk, the lack of interest in the World Baseball Classic and if the USA has any chance of winning. … More TTS #43- Free Agency And The WBC

TTS #42-What Is The Best Approach To LGTBQ Inclusion In Sports

Danny and Arthur are back to discuss a pretty polarizing topic these days: the LGTBQ Community and how they fit into the sports world. With the story about a transgender high school wrestler in Texas emerging, along with the failed career of Michael Sam and the decision to come out pretty much ending the career of Jason Collins, the guys discuss what it is going to take for these folks to be accepted in NCAA and professional sports. In addition, the guys talk about the start of MLB Spring Training, the NBA trade deadline, and Baker Mayfield’s arrest. … More TTS #42-What Is The Best Approach To LGTBQ Inclusion In Sports

TTS #41- Time For The Stick To Sports Crowd To Go Away

Danny, Arthur and Fisher are back and this week they debate a highly volatile topic in sports: the intersection of sports and politics. Should athletes/coaches/celebrities use their platform to speak out for what they believe in, or should they only talk sports? How should twitter feeds be used and would you go to the White House after you won a championship if you hated the president are among other debates. In addition, they discuss the start of spring training, the opening Vegas odds to win the 2017 World Series and the controversial statements made by Goose Gossage and Randy Levine of the New York Yankees. … More TTS #41- Time For The Stick To Sports Crowd To Go Away

TTS #40- Super Bowl Recap And The WBC

This week the guys dive into a recap of the Super Bowl discussing whether the Falcons lost it or the Patriots won it. In addition, they discuss the outlook on the NFL going into the offseason and who the early favorites are to make it to the big game next year. Danny and Arthur also discuss why the World Baseball Classic is not popular among both fans and stars of the MLB and what they can do to make it better. In addition, they discuss some new rule changes the MLB is looking to test, Henrik Lundqvist winning his 400th game and the Charles Oakley vs the Knicks saga. … More TTS #40- Super Bowl Recap And The WBC