TTS #69 – We’re going on a little bit of an adventure

College football is back. The NFL starts this week. Baseball’s playoff picture is only getting started. In this week’s episode, Arthur and Jimmy break down the biggest storylines in the opening week of NCAA football. They talk the biggest storylines striking the NFL as the Eagles and Falcons kick off Thursday while breaking down the … More TTS #69 – We’re going on a little bit of an adventure

TTS #68

Jimmy and Arthur sit down to talk about the issues impacting baseball as recent as this week. The discussion includes broadcasters, PEDs, domestic abuse, marketing and the almighty DH. They dive into some of the legal issues facing Maryland and Ohio State football programs and what they expect to happen as the truth gets uncovered … More TTS #68

Off The Bat Ep. 03: Good enough for Bronze

This week, Danny and Arthur discuss the notion of statues outside MLB Stadiums after the Mariners and Dodgers unveiled bronze lifelike models of Ken Griffey Jr. and Jackie Robinson. They also dive into the notion of Jose Fernandez getting the same honors by the Marlins later this season. Steroids are again the subject of discussion … More Off The Bat Ep. 03: Good enough for Bronze

Off The Bat Ep. 02

Baseball and beer seemingly go hand in hand with one another. Danny and Arthur discuss what teams and players they would most want to enjoy throwing back some brews with. They discuss Derek Jeter as a potential owner of the Miami Marlins, whether or not they care about President Trump not throwing out the first … More Off The Bat Ep. 02